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Surgical menopause: Effects, risks, and outlook

An oophorectomy is a surgical procedure in which a woman's ovaries are removed, prompting menopause. Learn more about this surgery and its side effects.

Mon, 29 May 2017, 13:00

Bouldering may help to treat depression

Bouldering is not only good for physical health, but mental health, too. New research has found that the sport may help to reduce symptoms of depression.

Mon, 29 May 2017, 10:00

No motivation to exercise? Focus less on…

New research suggests that focusing less on the intensity of physical activity and more on happiness and success may boost women's motivation to exercise…

29 May 2017, 10:00

Statins may improve heart structure, function…

Study suggests that people who use statins are less likely to have a thickened heart muscle and an enlarged heart - both risk factors for heart disease…

26 May 2017, 19:00