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Could tai chi reduce the risk of falls in older adults?

A recent meta-analysis shows that tai chi, an ancient Chinese practice, might reduce the rate of falls in the elderly and at-risk population.

Thu, 27 Jul 2017, 10:00

Why does our skin age?

Lines, wrinkles, and dark spots are all telltale signs of aging. Find out how time and sun exposure cause irreparable damage to our skin.

Wed, 26 Jul 2017, 18:00

Work-life balance for physicians: The what…

Can physicians pack even more into their already busy schedules? Find out how experienced doctors find work-life balance: it's all about the individual…

26 Jul 2017, 10:00

Swan neck deformity: Causes and treatment…

What is a swan neck deformity and what are the causes? In this article, learn about the symptoms, how it is diagnosed, surgical options, and recovery…

27 Jul 2017, 16:00